Friday, May 8, 2009

Gottem hitched!

I just had the opportunity this week to marry one of my youth from my first church; Green Meadows Baptist Church ( Justin and Candace are a really sweet couple and I am praying they have a long and happy life together! I remember being there and thinking how cool it would be to see these students grow up and be able to perform their marriages one day...well that dream came true this week! Thanks Justin for letting me be a part of what God is doing in your lives! It was also great to get to catch up with everyone! I had a great 3 hour breakfast with Michael the pastor at Green Meadows and my first mentor in the ministry and got to catch up with some of my favorite Mocksville peeps...Chew, Jim, Drew, Garrett, Zeb, Kyle, Ron, Kenny, Kathy, Ron, George, and Linda! I love you guys!

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  1. We Love you too. We will be praying for you!