Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Day...

I just confirmed today that Sunday, June 7th will be my last day at Hope. I'm definitely feeling a mix of emotions. I have been at Hope for almost 5 years now, which is hard to believe in itself. God has taught me so much there and I have built so many great relationships with so many incredible people! I'm going to miss our students, leaders, and friends there sooo much! But, we are excited to step out in faith and follow God in a new adventure that Jen and I both feel 100% that HE is calling us to. I will be sharing with our youth leaders this Wednesday night that we are leaving. Please pray for us. It has almost not seemed quite real up to this point that we are really leaving, but I have a feeling that this Wednesday night will really begin the wave of emotion. Pray that our leaders will understand and that they will be excited for us. Also, I haven't decided for sure when we are telling the students, but I know it will be very soon. That is going to be the hardest... Please begin praying for that as well. We love you guys and we are so grateful to have so many people who love and pray for us! Thank you.

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