Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's official! I'm a church planter!

Hey everybody! I wanted to give you an exciting update on the Church Planter's Assessment Center in Chicago. After a grueling four days with very little sleep, they officially approved Jen and I to plant a church in Raleigh! We are very excited to move forward in this new direction of our life and to start this new work to build God's kingdom and reach people in Raleigh for Jesus Christ. Also, some of you might have known that I was having a horrible tooth ache when I left for Chicago...on our sightseeing time in Chicago it continued to get worse. I was so worried that I would not be able to function at the assessment because of the pain. So, monday morning we woke up and found an emergency dentist in Chicago that turned out to be AMAZING! I was able to be examined, have a root canal, and crown in the SAME DAY! While, the procedures were no fun, I was able to be pain free for the rest of the trip and we were able to make it to the assessment on time! God is so good and always comes through! Also, the Cubs game was a ton of fun...they actually won 6-2 against the Indians. Following God truly is an adventure! Thanks for your continued prayers as we continue to follow His lead,
Chris and Jen Hankins

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