Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prayer team hits 100!

Whoo Hoo! Another huge answered prayer! I have been praying that we would have a prayer team of 100 people praying for us by the time we left for Chicago and we just added our 100th team member today, Congratulations to Tyler Miller! Since Tyler is our 100th prayer team member and a very good friend I thought I would give him a little shout out... Tyler and I met during a mission trip with Hope to Trinidad! I had the privilege of baptizing Tyler in the Caribbean. God has been doing great things in Tyler's life. This past year he's served on staff with Campus Crusade in Wilmington, NC. Next year, Tyler will be stepping out even further and spending a year doing missions in Sweden. Sweden used to be a country on fire for Christ, but now the spiritual climate of the country is as cold as the weather. Pray for Sweden that Tyler would be able to bring a spark to cold hearts there and that Tyler would be able to raise the financial support that he needs to do God's work there over the next year! Love you bro!

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