Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lifepointe Day!

This Sunday we are inviting alot of our friends and family in the Raleigh area to come and check out Lifepointe church. There will be a Lifepointe Overview class at 9:00am, a great worship service at 10:30am, and a free visitors lunch where people can get to know the Lifepointe staff. This will be the first event to try and begin to build a core for our future church in Raleigh.
- We are asking you to join us in praying for at least 20 people to come out this weekend.
- We also ask you to pray God would show people if He might be leading them to partner with us in reaching Raleigh for Christ.
- Finally, we ask you to pray that this weekend's service at Lifepointe would be especially moving and that the people who come out would really be able to connect with what the church is doing.

We love our prayer team!
Chris and Jen

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