Thursday, August 27, 2009

Get out of the way...God is coming through!

WHOA! That is really how I feel... God is truly doing something special and I am just trying not to get in His way! I had an amazing meeting with Donnie yesterday and God is really starting to align our hearts for the vision of this new church! Also, small group last night was AMAZING! We were praying for 20 (which in my mind was definitely a stretch) and God brought out 21 people!!! Not only that we are really beginning to reach out to people who have no church home! 5 of the people there last night are not a part of any church in Raleigh! I think that's what Jesus is most excited about! :)
I was telling my wife, Jen last night that I truly can just feel the way that the things we are doing are bathed in prayer and that I really feel that God is moving primarily in response to that! I am so thankful for your prayers...I really believe they are making an eternal impact and that through them we are beginning to take some ground back for God in Raleigh!

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