Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting there....

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your continual prayers! It is a huge praise that we now have over 125 people on our prayer team lifting us up!!! Also, We are now at 85% of our financial support to be able to do the church planting residency this next year. While we were hoping to be done by the first of August, it is still amazing that God has brought in 85% of our support in less than two months! Everyone, I talk to that has done this before says that is unbelievable. One of my friends who is a missionary with Campus Crusade said that it took him a year to raise all of his support. While we can't wait to get started full time, God has definitely used this experience to humble us and show us that we must depend on HIM for everything...When we are weak, He is strong!
God also taught me a very valuable lesson this past week. I had really been feeling like something was missing in my life these past couple of months, even though I love our new church and getting to share what God is doing with our friends and family. I finally figured it out this week. I had missed serving! This week I was able to start serving in both the children's ministry and the small group's ministry at Lifepointe and what a difference it made! Going from being a spectator to feeling like a contributor to the church brought so much joy! Also, I was able to meet so many people at Lifepointe and it really made Lifepointe feel like home for the first time.
I would just encourage any one out there that is looking for a church or at a church trying to figure out if it's the right fit to not make a decision until you have first tried serving there! For me it has made a huge difference.
Please continue to pray for continued focus for us, people for us to meet with, and that God would put it on people's hearts to join with us!!
God Bless,
Chris and Jen

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