Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Broken Record

Hey everyone! I know I sound like a broken record, but God is so good and is still answering prayers in great ways! My meeting with the pastor at my home church (Sharon Baptist Church) in Reidsville went really well! I could really feel the Holy Spirit moving in our conversation. He invited my back to speak to the whole church about partnering with us at the end of October.
Also, the church planting conference in Charleston went REALLY well! I was able to spend some great time with two amazing potential staff members on the trip. Please join us in praying for God to show us HIS will. God also taught me some great lessons at the conference...If you want to read what God taught me at the conference go to ( and read the blog (God said...)
Finally, last praise...God is continuing to grow our two small groups in both closeness and number! We had 30 people between the two small groups and the new group is already up to 17 people after only two weeks!!!
Prayer Requests:
1. This Sunday I am sharing what God is doing at Green Meadows Church in Mocksville, NC. This is the church that gave me my first ministry opportunity as a youth pastor! Please pray that the Holy Spirit would really impress the urgent need to reach the 300,000 people in Raleigh that don't go to any church. Pray that if it is HIS will they would become one of our partner churches! Also...CALLING ALL GREEN MEADOWS PRAYER TEAM MEMBERS! It would mean so much if you could be there this Sunday night and encourage everyone else at the church to be in attendance!!!
2. Of course pray for our two small groups tonight! But also please start praying for next week. We are going to combine the groups and be doing some praise and worship. We are trying to decide one where to have the groups meet. Pray that God would provide a place since we could be at 40 people by then and that is kind of a big group for a house... Please start praying that it would be a life changing night as we worship Christ together.
3. Finally, pray for the individuals in our group. We have several people who are pregnant, some marriages that are hanging on by a thread, some that need jobs, people who are just coming back to church and getting invovled for the first time. Many are really at a place where they need God to fight for them in a big way!
Thanks for your love and prayers!

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