Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God said...

At the FIND church planting conference, there were a lot of amazing speakers that God really used to speak to me. After going over my notes and spending some time with God in prayer, here are 8 things that I felt God saying to me at the conference...
1. Spend time pouring into the people God is bringing, instead of spending all your time thinking about the thousands who are not there yet.
2. Our discipleship plan is right on keep on making disciples!
3. Don't push. God will bring what/who we need when we need it. Don't settle for second best because we are working on our time/deadline instead of waiting for God's best.
4. We must win the war of the spiritual. The first church started with prayer in the upper room at Jerusalem. (I'm writing these down for you to hold me accountable)
- 7 day fast with our community
- Commmit 30 minutes a day to prayer
- Praying for God to give our community an unbelievable burden for the lost.
5. How close to God do I want our community to be? Because that's how close I need to can't lead someone somewhere you haven't been.
6. Pray for our city...RALEIGH!!!
7. Focus on Jesus...EVERY week. When we begin our worship services, we need to remember who we are worshiping! He is the Head, Center, and Focus of the chruch. (Ephesians 1:22) If you don't hear Jesus mentioned in the worship and in the teaching...tell me!
8. Your Family is your first congregation. I am a churchaholic and must remember to keep my family in its proper place. So if I can't do something because I am on a date with my wife or taking my daughter to her first NC State football game...don't hate me...

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