Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Many Hands Make a Light Load

Hey Prayer Team! I have huge praise from last week...both groups went Amazing! We had 6 new people last week and it is so cool to see people starting to get excited about inviting their friends! Thanks for your prayers on that!

I have a couple of big prayer requests for this week...

1. Our goal is to raise 250 thousand dollars to launch and support the new church over the next three years until it is self supporting. We hope to raise most of that from partnering churches and organizations. We already have two that have committed roughly 100 thousand. I have a meeting tommorow with the pastor of my home church, Sharon Baptist Church tomorrow. Please pray that I would be able to express my heart for the people of Raleigh and the amazing need to reach the 300,000 people here that don't have a church home. Also, pray that God would give the pastor and the church wisdom to know how they are being called to help.

2. Also, our dinner with the potential worship pastor and his family went well Friday night. So, I invited him and another pastor to come go to a church planting conference in Charleston , SC next Monday and Tuesday. Please pray that we gain alot of wisdom from the conference, but most importantly that God would begin to reveal to the three of us how and if he is calling us to plant a church together.

Thanks for helping to carry the load in prayer!

P.S. I am writing this at 11:10pm because I didn't want to leave tomorrow without having you guys pray for that lunch. That's how much I value and believe in your prayers!!

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