Thursday, October 22, 2009

Having fun trying to keep up with God!

I am continually amazed at God's faithfullness to answer his people when they call on His name! We had a great time back home in Reidsville sharing with my home church what God is doing and I felt Holy Spirit really moving. Now it is in God's hands to show them how he would have them to partner with us. Also, I asked you last week to pray for one of our small groups that has grown really big. God has not provided a place for a new group to meet, but did provide a creative solution for the mean time. Since we had 25 people at that small group last night, we had one group meet downstairs and one group meet upstairs! It was crazy but fun!
Another praise is that our Prayer Team continues to grow! We are praying to have 300 people on our prayer team before we launch. This past week the team grew to more than 200 members! I continue to feel God's presence and strength increase among us as our prayer team continues to grow! Thank you for praying!

Prayer Requests: (sorry there are more than usual..)

1. Please continue to pray for another location for a third small group to meet and for God to bring us more leaders to lead these groups!

2. We are planning a short trip to Burkina Faso (West Africa) in a few weeks to strengthen our partnerships there, encourage the new believers, and prepare the way for several trips next year! Please pray for us as we prepare and travel! Pray for our families while we are gone and for God to continue to build His church there!

3. We are praying for a place to start having a monthly praise and worship night. As we grow to more and more small groups we want to stay connected as ONE community on a mission to reach the 300,000 people in Raleigh w/o a church family. Pray that God would provide that location for us!

4. We are having alot of events coming up to build relationship with one another and to be a place to invite people who are far from God. Tonight we are having a group going to the State Fair and next week we are having a big costume party where we are encouraging people to invite their friends and neighbors! Pray that God would use these nights to build His Kingdom.

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