Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A NEW YEAR is coming!

Here it comes...the most exciting and probably craziest year of our life! I know this year we will be filled with so many amazing memories, challenging obstacles, and stories of God's faithfulness as we continue the process of planting Starting Point Church. As we enter this new year it is humbling to look back at what God has done in 2009. He has helped us to raise our entire salary for 14 months in a challenging economic time. He has led about 60-70 people to join us on our launch team, started three small groups, provided a place for us to have our gatherings free of charge, and even led several people to join us on staff. Praise God for the good things HE has done and will do in 2010!

Prayer Requests!

We will be hitting the ground running in 2010! January will be a very busy month for us! Please take a second to pray over these upcoming events!

Jan 6th - Our third small group meets for the first time!
Jan 10th - Our first launch team meeting.
Jan 13th - Praise and Worship Night
Jan 17-22nd - Church Planting Bootcamp in Tennessee
Jan 23rd - Sunday Road Trip to Southbridge Fellowship

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