Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The past two weeks have continued to be incredible times of seeing the power of God at work! Our Praise and Worship night was amazing and the Holy Spirit worked in a powerful way in my heart for sure!

We just got back from the bootcamp this Friday night. I don't think I can even put into words how amazing the time was! The bonding alone that occured between the five of our staff team members who went was worth the trip! It helped us all to get on the same page with Christ in what he wants to do through us. Also, it was very encouraging to hear church planting experts express their confindence in us and our strategy! Coming away from the week God has given me great CONFIDENCE. Not in myself, but that HE is going to do great things and provide everything that we need!

1. MOVIE THEATRE: I will be meeting with the theatre owner in the next week at Mission Valley to set up the terms of the lease. Pray that God would give us favor and that we would have a great relationship! (He already yelled at me for calling him on vacation :0)
2. STAFF TEAM: Pray for our staff team as they begin to search for launch team members to help in their areas of ministry (Worship, children, youth, college, small groups..etc)
3. PARTNERSHIP CHURCHES: We have about 5 churches that we are praying would partner with us, but currently Lifepointe is the only one we have a firm commitment from. Pray that over the next couple of weeks God would lead churches to join with us as full partners!
4. SPIRITUAL PROTECTION: One of the things they talked about at the Bootcamp was spiritual warfare. Some of the presenters shared some pretty scary stories about how Satan attacked them, their families, and their churches while they were in the process of planting their churches. Pray that God would protect our staff, our church, and especially our FAMILIES as we put everything on the line to reach those far from God in Raleigh!

Thanks for being our Prayer Army!
We Love you!

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  1. It's great to hear how God keeps opening doors for y'all!