Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gaining Traction

Hey Team! I have alot of praises to share!

1. Our First Sunday Morning service went REALLY well! We had a ton of people come out to Capital City Church to support us. The worship, teaching, and communion talk all went great! Our launch team also did all of the greeting and ushering. It was fun to actually do what we have been talking about on a Sunday morning!
2. Our Staff team meeting was an awesome time of coming together as a team. It was also a huge praise to see our staff give so generously! Our staff team pledged over $14,000 for our launch fund between now and September.
3. Our third launch team meeting this Sunday was a big success as well! 59 of our 200 volunteer positions were filled on the first night people had a chance to sign up! It is so exciting to see how God is really bringing everything together!
4. Finally, I saved the best for last! Ken and Karen George have agreed to join with us! Ken will be serving voluntarily as our Send Pastor in charge of sending our people out to serve the church, the community, and the world. Ken and Karen have been serving as missionaries in the Dominican Republic for the past couple of years. We are so blessed to have them as a part of our team! What an affirmation that God would lead such high capacity leaders to be a part of our church!

Prayer Requests:

1. Movie Theater - The theater owner has been gone on vacation and not returning phone calls. We really want to get our lease signed for the theater. Please pray that he would get back with us and we would be able to get the lease signed this coming week!
2. Phase 2 - Our staff team will be meeting with many of their friends and family about joining the launch team over the next couple of months. Please pray for them as they invite people to join us for 6 months to help get Starting Point Church started!

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