Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miracles Maker!

This week I took my daughter to Harris Teeter with me. At the great Harris Teeter they give kids free cookies and they have really sweet grocery carts! The cart is shaped like a car with a steering wheel. Addison loves to get this cart because she can "drive." However, even though she is turning the wheel I am the one driving, the one who is REALLY in control. That is how I have felt over the past several weeks. I have been busy trying to drive our new church, but I've gotten the feeling God is watching me thinking..."ahh isn't that cute". God has been taking us in new directions, at breakneck speeds, and somehow piling people on board with us in a way that I could never dream of!

Example #1: God is opening the door for us to start a 50+ age small group. When we first started I never dreamed we would be able to reach people in this demographic...(I'm not even 30).
Example #2: We really really wanted the website address www.startingpointchurch.com for our website but it was not available. I even contacted the people who owned it and begged them to give it to us...to no avail. That was about 6 months ago. This week on the day we were going to launch our new website, I thought what the heck I'll check one last time to see if by some crazy chance it was available...and it was!! God opened it up at literally the last possible second!!
Example #3: This past week alone we have had 6 families commit to join us on our launch team! Not to mention that each of these families have an array of gifts and talents that will be critical to the success of our new church!!!
Example #4: The owner of the Mission Valley Theater had not returned an email or phone call in over two months! I was really starting to get nervous that he had changed his mind about allowing us to rent the theater. I asked you guys to pray last week and today he called and said we could get together next week to sign the lease!!

Prayer Request:
1. Pray that God would use our new website www.startingpointchurch.com as a tool to reach many people in Raleigh that don't have a church home!
2. Pray that God would continue to put his hand of blessing on our new church and keep us safe from Satan's attacks!

Sorry this was long...I just really wanted to share with you everything God was doing! :)

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