Friday, June 18, 2010

Big Times and Big Needs!

Hey Prayer Team!

Big Times!
Once again I am completely blown away by God's faithfullness. We had an amazing preview and ordination service this Sunday! We had 216 people come out to get a sneak peak at what God is doing! Also, we had a ton of volunteers come and help. It seemed that our second preview service was even better than the first! Praise God for all of the people God is bringing together to get the gospel out to the 300,000 people in Raleigh without a church home!

Big Needs!
We have two huge prayer requests that we need desperately need prayer for!

1. For our third preview service (7/11) we will be meeting for the first time at Mission Valley Theater. We will be using all of our own equipment, setting up everything and tearing down everything, and moving to two service times (9:00am & 10:30am). That will also mean that we will need twice the volunteers to make everything happen! :) We are so excited for this next step but there is unimaginable work that needs to be done. I know that there is no way we can make this happen without God moving in a mighty way!! But having to depend on God is the way we like it!

2. The good news is that we have raised $58,000 of the $100,000 we need to launch the church... The urgent prayer request is that we need the other $42,000 to come in within the next month (end of July) in order to be ready for September 12th (Launch Day). Once again, something that won't happen without God moving in a mighty way...

I am learning that being in a position of dependance on God is the best place to be because we are forced to give HIM all of the credit!!

Thanks for your prayers!!
Chris and Jen Hankins

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