Tuesday, July 6, 2010

make it or break it

Hello prayer team!! I apologize this is a little long...but we have a ton of things that need prayer! There are four things in the next seven days that I really believe will make or break our ability to reach people in Raleigh… This next week will absolutely be the biggest in our short history!

The Big Give – We have exactly four weeks to raise $38,000 in order for us to finish purchasing our equipment and do our outreach projects. We are going to need some radical generosity if this is going to happen (Acts 2). This Sunday is our Big Give. We are asking all of our launch team members and friends to pray about what God would have them do and to come this Sunday prepared to give. Please pray for God to do a miracle and bring in the money that we need. We’ll keep you posted on where we are as the deadline approaches. To be honest…I’m scared silly…but I know God is going to provide! If you would like to give a one time gift towards our launch fund that would be a huge encouragement! Please send it to:
Starting Point Church
PO Box 33613
Raleigh, NC 27636

Serving – Our volunteers in Black Shirts have been one of the strongest parts of Starting Point. However, this Sunday we are going to need TWICE as many volunteers as we did at last month’s preview service. However, it should be much easier for people to serve because we are doing two services! Pray that God would provide all of the volunteers we need!

Outreach – Last Saturday was our first day handing out our door hangers in the community. It was amazing to actually be hitting the streets and letting people know about a new church that wants to be their spiritual family. Not to mention everyone had a blast! However, there were only about half of the volunteers we needed. Even though all the groups went an extra hour we still were only able to get to about 75% of the homes. Pray that God would provide people to help at our outreach events every Saturday in July and August!

Inviting – Finally, we it is amazing that our launch team has grown to over 100 people! However, if we are going to get to the 200 launch team members we need by September; we are going to need help! Please pray our launch team would invite their friends out to our preview services and launch team gatherings! Also, you can help us by giving us the names of people who might be interested in Starting Point so we can get together with them and share the vision of what God is doing.

Thanks for your prayers! Praying that God would continue to work miracles for us!

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