Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I know I have been asking you guys to pray about alot of details so I wanted to encourage you with some amazing stories about what God is doing!!

Story #1: We had our first college student named Sara come to Christ this past week at our Campus Point Bible Study! She is someone we had been praying for in our core groups by name for several months. She is already tearing through the Bible and sharing with her family about Christ!

Story #2: We have just started handing out doorhangers in neighborhoods in Raleigh and this Sunday we had someone come in holding a doorhanger as a map! It is exciting to see that our outreach is beginning to work!!

Story #3: We had our first service this Sunday at Mission Valley Theater where we will be from now on. It was definitely a confirmation that God wanted us there because we had several people see the sign and just walk in! I am having lunch with a guy named Richard today at noon and another guy named Devon later this week!

Details from this Sunday: This Sunday was hands down our best service yet! All of our equipment worked! We had all of the volunteers we needed to do two services! God moved in a powerful way! Over 20 first time visitors filled out info cards! We also had an offering of $12,000 which is way bigger than any of our previous offerings!! It was amazing to see how God brought everything together!


1. Still Money... - The good news is that our offering this Sunday took a big chunk off of what we need to raise to launch Starting Point Church! However, we still need to raise $25,000 in the next two weeks...and I'm not exactly sure how that is going to happen. But I know that God is going to come through in some crazy way!! Please pray!!

2. Follow Up - We had a ton of new visitors come out on Sunday! I am getting together with new people every day this week! Please pray we would be able to get them plugged into the Starting Point Family over the next couple of weeks!

3. Outreach - We need a ton of volunteers on Saturdays for our doorhangars and block parties in local neighborhoods! Please pray that God would bring volunteers out to help and the outreaches would be successful in helping people find a spiritual family and relationship with Christ.

Thanks for praying!

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