Thursday, August 12, 2010

Exactly One Month

Hey Prayer Team! We have exactly one month from today! One month before Starting Point Church launches...CRAZY! I wanted to share a really cool story with you all and ask you to lift up some big prayer requests!

Story: Sara Shillinglaw gave her testimony this Sunday in front of two services about what Christ has done, is doing, and will do in her life. She boldy challenged others to take the same step of faith! She has only been a Christ follower for a month! Then, after the second service she took the step of faith to be baptized in Christ's name. But that's not where the story ends... A friend of Sara's from High School, Kelsey just happened to be at the service. That night as a result of Sara's example she gave her life to Christ and emailed all of her friends and family to tell them the good news! God is working in powerful ways! If you look at the second picture Kelsey is the girl in the upper right hand corner in the white dress...pretty cool how that worked out!

Prayer Needed!
1. Baptisms: I felt God lay it on my heart to ask our prayer team and our church to pray that someone would take the step of following Christ and being baptized every Sunday at Starting Point! That is a crazy prayer, but in Acts 2:47 they saw that happen everyday! Let's pray for God to do something so amazing, that there would be no doubt who gets the credit and Jesus would be famous in our city!!
2. Hearts: We are now beginning to fully turn our attention to reaching out to the 300,000 people in Raleigh without a church home. Over the next month they will be getting 5 postcards from Starting Point Church inviting them to come on September 12th. Also, we will be doing tons of events to get the word out and show Christ's love. Pray that when they hear about Starting Point Church the Holy Spirit would lay it on their hearts to check it out. Pray also that God wouldn't let Satan put anything in their path to keep them from coming!
3. Laborers: Our goal is to have 200 people on our launch team by September 12th. As of right now we have 120. If we are going to be able to bust out of the gates the way I believe God wants we need more laborers to bring in the harvest! Please pray God would lay it on people's hearts to join us for 6 months to help get Starting Point off the ground!
4. Me: Please pray for me...Honestly I feel an overwhelming burdon for this city and people here who are far from God. This last month is soooo critical! There is so much that needs to get done between now and September 12th that I don't know how it is all going to happen. If you know me at know the thought of not reaching as many people as possible kills me! Please pray that God would multiply my time, energy, and also the people on our team so that hundreds of people in Raleigh are able to find a spiritual family and relationship with Christ!

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