Saturday, September 18, 2010

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

As I sit here writing this latest entry of what God has done in our story, my eyes well up with tears at God's faithfulness! As you know 15 months ago we began a journey of faith trusting God and stepping out to plant Starting Point Church. There has been more work, prayers needed, and faith required than I could have ever imagined. Everything looking forward to September 12th when Starting Point Church would be born.

Finally last Sunday the day arrived... What would happen? Would people come?

Well I am so excited to share with you some stories of God's greatness and faithfullness!

We had 515 people at Starting Point Church our first Sunday! Tbe service was powerful and the Holy Spirit moved through every part of it! We had our second baptism! We had hundreds of new people came because of our marketing and people in our church stepping outside their comfort zone to invite people! This week Matthew, one of pastors got to lead a girl named Heather to Christ. I met with a High School girl named Victoria who is getting baptized this Sunday. And in one hour David (our part time hispanic pastor) and I are going to meet with a hispanic couple. The husband called and wants to get baptized this Sunday as well! All three of these people found out about our church through postcards they got in the mail! It is so crazy to see how God can work through even postcards!

Also, we had over two hundred people who filled out information cards and 126 people who were first time visitors! My wife Jen wrote hand written letters to every one of those visitors including a small gift to say thank you for coming. We had over a hundred people who were interested in joining a life group, starting to serve, or meeting with a pastor! To top it all we had 12 people who indicated they wanted to know more about a becoming a follower of Christ! WHOA!

Thank You so much for all of your prayers for us and our church! THEY WERE NOT IN VAIN!

REQUESTS: This week is critical for our new church!

1. The Dip - Pray that we would be able to continue to boldy invite people to come. Virtually every new church plant takes a dip on their second week. Some drop in attendance by up to half on week 2! Please pray that God leads people back this week along with many new visitors!

2. Follow Up - We are desperately trying to follow up with every visitor who came last week! Please pray that we would not let anyone fall through the cracks and we would be able to get people involved as a part of Starting Point Church almost immediately.

3. Week 2 Service - God did something special last week. It was one of the most powerful services I have been a part of, not to mention it went very smoothly and there were no distractions from things not working. I really believe that was a result of prayer! Please pray that God would show up in the same way this week and that he would keep Satan from messing up a single part of the service!

I truly believe that God is going to use this church to shake this City and make Jesus famous! Please continue to pray for Him to do big things!

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