Thursday, September 30, 2010

This could get out of hand!

Sooo...It's hard to believe that Starting Point Church is three weeks old and this Sunday will be our fourth Sunday! We did dip quite a bit on our second week down to 364, but the exciting thing is that we jumped back up our third week to 394! We have had some great services and have seen people be baptized every week!

We have been doing a series called "Your Story". We have been talking about how God wants to transform your past, present, and future. This Sunday we will be sharing about how Jesus wants to us to let him guide our story! We will be sharing the message of Jesus and giving people a chance to follow him and be baptized that day like in Acts chapter 2.

Peter saw 3000 people accept Christ that day and get I thought it would be reasonable to take a few zeros off of that number and pray for 30 people to follow Christ in baptism!


Please pray for this Sunday! I know that 30 baptisms is no 3,000...but it would be something bigger than I have ever seen God do! Please pray God would work through the entire service, there would be no distractions, He would clearly speak through me to explain the good news of Jesus Christ, and that peope would place their faith in Christ and be baptized.

I cannot wait to see what God is going to do this Sunday!

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