Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Starting Point Church!

Hey Prayer Team!

One year ago today Starting Point Church was born! This past year has been tough, exciting, stressful, rewarding, and most of all an Adventure in trusting God with everything I have...our church, finances, family, job & future!

All day today I have been thinking about what has happened over the past year...the highs & lows and as today draws to a close one word continues to echo through my head...FAITHFUL!

God has been so faithful to me personally, my family, our staff, and to the everyday missionaries who decided to join us for at least 6 months as a part of our launch team!

Last week I asked you to pray for our final service of the year...our remember 9/11 service...and guess what...once again God was FAITHFUL! We saw 526 people (our largest attendance of 2011), we were featured on two local television stations, the service was amazing, & most importantly the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ was remembered in a BIG way!

Also, I wanted to share that over the course of the last year my biggest prayer was that we would see people follow Christ in Baptism every week at Starting Point Church!...well 52 weeks later we saw 87 people baptized! If you do the math...I think that comes out to...God being FAITHFUL!

The most exciting part is that I believe the best is yet to come and I have no doubt that in our second year, God will still be...FAITHFUL!

I wanted to close by thanking everyone on our prayer team who has faithfully prayed for & supported our family & our new church over this past year!

For the Kingdom!

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