Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prayer Needed! Huge 9/11 Sunday for Starting Point Church!

Hey prayer team! I wanted to give you a brief update from my last email. We came up short on our Finish Strong Campaign and finished the year $12,000 under budget. I am still trying to raise funds to help make up that gap, but we did want to recognize that we met 96% of our first year's budget which is a HUGE PRAISE!

I also wanted to share about a big opportunity this weekend that I need your prayer for! We are so excited to welcome John Cerqueira to Starting Point Church this Sunday for our Remember 9/11 service. John carried a woman in a wheel chair down 68 flights of stairs and escaped moments before Tower 1 collapsed. John will be sharing this Sunday at Starting Point how this experience has changed his life and help us to reflect on how we can remember the sacrifice of those who sacrificed their lives that day by living sacrificial lives for others.

The services will be at 9:30 & 11am at Mission Valley Theater - 2109 Avent Ferry Rd., Raleigh. We are advertising this week on the largest local radio station, G105 and would like to ask you to join us in praying:

1. For people in our church to be bold in inviting their friends, classmate, coworkers, & family!
2. For our services to be standing room only!
3. For God to work in a powerful way during the service and guard from against any technical difficulties.
4. For new people who come to find a church home at Starting Point Church.
5. Our ultimate prayer is that this day would be the beginning of hundreds of people finding their way back to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I am believing God for BIG THINGS this Sunday!!!

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