Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Things I want everyone at Starting Point to know!

1. Future of Starting Point – This Sunday is the second week of our Celebrate series.  It will be an exciting time as we celebrate what God is going to do in the future of our church!  We will share our plans for the next two years and give our church family a chance to respond.  Our actions moving forward will depend on your response this Sunday!  If you consider Starting Point your church home, please make plans to be there Sunday! 

2. Youth Camp Sponsorships – Our youth ministry is experiencing tremendous growth.  Last year we had 12 people attend our summer youth camp.  This year we will be sending a total of 25 people to camp!  However, for many of these students going to camp will be impossible without help.  Our youth recently had a Car Wash fundraiser and raised $1,130 dollars!  However, that fell well short of their need.  We need to raise an additional $2500 dollars to send all of the students to camp who need financial assistance.  The cost of camp is $270 for each student.  If you would like to help partially or fully sponsor a student please email or give in the offering on Sundays and write “youth camp sponsorship” on your check or envelope. 

3. Financial Peace Series & Class

Series: Starting next Sunday, we will begin a three week Sunday series called “Financial Peace.”  It will feature both live teaching by our staff and video elements from world renowned expert in Biblical Finance; Dave Ramsey.  This series will teach you the Biblical Principles of getting out of debt, saving, and being a faithful steward of what God has entrusted to us.  This is the perfect series to invite anyone you know who is experiencing financial struggles or would like to get their finances on track! 

Class:  Financial Peace University – More than 1.5 million families have attended Financial Peace University with amazing results. On average, these families paid off $5,300 in debt and saved $2,700 in just the first 90 days! Stop worrying about money, and start your journey to Financial Peace today.
Where: Cary Christian Church - 1503 Walnut Street, Cary, NC 27511
When: Begins May 30th - 6:30-8:30pm - Financial Peace is a 10 week class.  The first 3 weeks will be on Wednesday night & will switch to Thursday nights for the last 7 weeks.
Cost: The cost of the class is $69 and includes Workbook, Audio CD with all 13 lessons, envelope system, Complete Guide to money book, access to budgeting recourse on website, and a lifetime membership to attend future classes for free.

4. Life Labs – Life Labs are classes designed to teach important spiritual disciplines and are designed to be extremely practical.  In addition to our Financial Peace Class described above we are also offering two additional Life Labs.
Where: Cary Christian Church - 1503 Walnut Street, Cary, NC 27511
When: Wednesdays @ 6:30pm – May 30th, June 6th, June 13th
**Financial Peace is a 10 week class & will switch to Thursday nights after the first three weeks

Missiology - We will study global missions throughout the story of the Bible to see God's plan for reaching the whole world with the love of Jesus.  We will explore our part in this plan, and then take a practical look at what it looks like to carry this out through short term trips and the life of missionaries.  The goal of this 3 week Life Lab is to inform us of God's plan for the world, transform our hearts to be like God's, and equip us to go on a short term mission trip.  This Life Lab is a requirement for everyone going on a Starting Point mission trip.

Parenting – Whether you are a future parent, parent of an infant or teenager…this class is for you!  This 3 week Life Lab will look at both biblical & practical foundations for raising a child to be a responsible adult who is equipped to love the Lord & lead a family of their own.  The class is a mixture of video, live teaching, & discussion.  Peter Dubbelman is a pastor on staff at Apex Baptist Church. He & his wife have successfully raised and transitioned four children out of the nest and into adulthood! 
Teacher: Peter & Brenda Dubbelman -

5. Mother’s Day – We have a special treat lined up for our mothers at Starting Point Church this Sunday!  If you are a mom you won’t want to miss it!  We are so excited to celebrate all of our moms! 

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