Thursday, June 14, 2012

Future of Starting Point Church

We believe God is calling Starting Point Church to boldly step forward into the future he has for us. 

There are close to 1,000,000 people in the Triangle without a relationship with Jesus Christ and we believe if people die without Jesus Christ they will spend ETERNITY SEPARATED from God. We felt God clearly telling us that the best way to reach a million people with the gospel of Jesus Christ was to plant 30 churches in the Triangle in the next 15 years!  To accomplish this vision we have broken it down into smaller phases.  We have completed the first two phases and believe God is now calling us into PHASE 3!!!

Phase 1 - Plant our first church and see people baptized every week
Completed:  September 12, 2010 we launched our Raleigh Campus in Mission Valley Theater and begin seeing people follow Christ at a rate averaging more than one person following Christ in baptism weekly.
Phase 2 - Plant our second church and see 100 people baptized
Completed:   February 26, 2012 we launched our Apex campus at Apex Middle School and on March 11, 2012 we saw our 100th person follow Christ in baptism!   
Phase 3 - Plant our third and fourth churches and see 1,000 people baptized in the next 2 years
Goal: We are aiming to see this phase accomplished by May 2014. 

We encourage you to take a minute and watch our vision video:

What is it going to take to see a vision this big become a reality?  We believe the answer is sacrifice.  We truly believe our level of IMPACT is directly proportional to our level of SACRIFICE.  The biggest thing holding us back from accomplishing the next phase of our vision as a church is our level of generosity.

For those of you who like real numbers: Our giving since we launched our Apex campus has averaged $6,000 a week.  For us to move forward into the next phase, our weekly giving has to increase to $8,000 a week.  We are confident that if we all come together we can make this a reality!  

For the next three months, we are challenging everyone to participate in our “Now’s the Time” generosity campaign. The campaign is a 12-week Tithe Challenge.  The word “tithe” actually means “tenth” and God instructs us to give back to him first by giving the first 10% of our income back to God.

God says to TEST HIM in this and see if he will not increase your joy and provide for you!  At the end of those 12 weeks you do not feel blessed and provided for then we will GIVE BACK EVERY PENNY of what you have given!  We believe that strongly in the character of God!

Our staff and leaders are committed to leading the way!  Our staff pledged to increase their giving by 46% and our Leadership Team pledged to increase their giving by 41%!  Amazing!!  The combined total increase between our STAFF and LEADERSHIP TEAM is $4,828 a month…over half of our needed increase in giving!  

Now it’s your turn!  Currently we are sitting at 78% of our needed goal with just a week and a half left in our campaign.  We are encouraging you to fill out the 12-Week Tithe Challenge commitment card attached to this email or available at our services.  Take God’s challenge to test him with your finances.  Pray about what God would have you to do and turn in your commitment card in the offering basket THIS SUNDAY.  

As a result of the sacrifice of people at Starting Point…Shannon, Ryan, Dani, Mason, Stephon, Todd, Glenn, Jessica, Jennifer, Marty, & Amanda have all followed Jesus Christ in baptism in the city of Apex, NC over the last 3 months! 

I can’t wait to meet the people whose lives God will forever change through your sacrifice as we expand to four cities in the Triangle! 

With a million people needing a relationship with Jesus Christ, the question is not CAN WE SACRIFICE; the question is HOW CAN WE NOT?


Chris Hankins
Lead Pastor

Malachi 3:10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. “Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.”

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