Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everybody wants to go to Heaven!

Churches spend tons of time trying to get people to Heaven, but ironically spend virtually no time talking about what Heaven will be like.  In fact, I have never even heard a message on Heaven.  Sunday at Starting Point this will change!  The Bible gives amazing details about Heaven and you will be inspired and motivated as your picture of Heaven goes from fuzzy to high definition! 

Sunday will be one of your best chances all year to invite a friend to church.  Every person I have ever met really wants to know about where the Bible says they will spend eternity!  Last Sunday we saw 9 people follow Christ in baptism after our services on the “Afterlife”.  This Sunday we are praying for Jesus to continue to change lives as we talk about Heaven.   However, how can they hear unless you invite them?  Found people find people.

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