Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who are the ONE in FIVE's you know?

What if your entire story could be changed by "The Story" this Easter? We will continue in our 5 week journey through the Bible on Easter Sunday as we come to the central character of the greatest story ever told, Jesus Christ. Easter is a special time of the year when God does extraordinary things in the  hearts of people and we need every person at Starting Point to think of people in their life to invite to join us on this day!

New research says that 1 in 5 people are a "maybe" to attend Easter this year and are just waiting for an invitation from you!  We will be giving people an opportunity to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized that day.  What if your family member, coworker, or neighbor's entire story could be changed by "The Story"?  Is it worth stepping outside of your comfort zone to invite them? Absolutely!

EASTER BAPTISMS - Baptism represents the death and resurrection of Jesus what better day to be baptized than EASTER SUNDAY! If you would like to be baptized on Easter please email and we would love to help you take this step in your faith!

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