Friday, April 12, 2013

Apology & Commitment to College Students

I wanted to start this post out by making a confession/apology to the college students of Starting Point Church.  I feel as your pastor and as your church, we have not done a good job of challenging, discipling, and equipping you to reach your college campus.  However, I am committed to changing that!  Our goal is to make it hard for college students not to go to church in the Triangle, and we want you to be involved in helping that become a reality.  Below are two things we want to challenge you with…

1. College Vision Meeting – On April 28th at 12:15 at El Cerro we will be providing FREE TACOS to college students and talking about the vision for the future of our college ministry.  We believe God has given us an exciting vision and opportunity to partner with several on campus organizations this fall to help all of us do a better job reaching and discipling college students.  However, we need your help! Please join us for this important gathering.

2. Book It Forward - most college students don't have significant financial resources.  However, what if you could give NEW LIFE with your OLD BOOKS?  We are encouraging our college students to "Book It Forward" by donating their used textbooks to our church.  The church in turn will sell the books back to the bookstore and use 100% of the funds to reach new students on campus this fall!  Your books will help us make it hard not to go to church from NC State!  Just bring in your textbooks and put them in the “book it forward” bin on a Sunday morning!

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