Sunday, May 5, 2013

Our Church has a New Name!

Some of you have heard we made a big church wide announcement today.  Our church is committed to the entire process of helping people become disciples of Christ.  We are committed to helping people on their walk with Jesus throughout their entire journey.  We don’t just desire to be a "starting point" for people in their relationship with Christ, we want to help people on their whole journey with Christ, wherever they are!  

However, we felt our name “Starting Point Church” was holding us back from effectively accomplishing this goal.  We have gotten feedback from numerous people that our name gives the impression we are only a church for “beginner” Christians. I personally have been asked by people I have invited if we are only a church for "New Christians".

As result Starting Point Church is changing its name.  We as a leadership team have been talking about this idea for several months. We still desperately desire to be a "starting point" for people in their relationship with God!!!  But we have continued to feel a strong leading by the Holy Spirit to help people become disciples who make disciples.  As you may know we don't have any "sacred cows" at our church but want to do what is the most effective for God's Kingdom and pointing people to Jesus.

This Sunday we celebrated stories of people in our church who have come to know the Lord, grown in their faith, and are using their influence to help others become disciples. We thought it would be appropriate to use this opportunity to reveal our new name. 
From this day forward, Starting Point Church will be called The Point Church.”  A Church that is all about “Pointing People to Jesus”.

We believe our new name as The Point Church will continue to propel us forward in our mission of "pointing people to Jesus wherever they are on their journey with Christ as well as preserve much of our identity and branding in the community.  We have gotten overwhelmingly positive responses from everyone we have talked to about the name change and are excited for our church family to continue forward in our efforts to build God’s Kingdom in the Triangle. 

Obviously changing the name of our church on everything will take some time…some things like graphics will change immediately.  Our programs and banners will change next week.  Our website will change over to the within the next couple of weeks.
However, you may still see things here and there like offering envelopes, brochures, cups etc…that have Starting Point Church on them for the next couple months.

Thank you as always for your unbelievable faith and trust in what God is doing in our church family!  

Chris Hankins
Lead Pastor

The Point Church  

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