Saturday, November 30, 2013

Incredible Opportunity for The Point Church - 50 in 31!

God has given us an incredible opportunity! Through the merger with Cary Christian Church we have an amazing opportunity to use this new facility to begin our Cary Campus, establish a Church Planting Center to reach the Triangle and equip existing campuses in Raleigh and Apex. We plan to renovate this facility over the next few months and relaunch to the community in the spring of 2014. We don't want to miss this chance that God has given us!

Here’s what we need to do to make this possible: raise $50,000 in 31 days.

This will take a move of God and generous sacrifice by everyone who calls The Point Church home.

Start by thinking of a one-time gift you can make to our Give A Church Campaign. Then consider what kind of creative gifts you can make. Can you sacrifice a Christmas gift? Can you sacrifice going out to eat a few times?

We have attached a Giving Card to help you figure out some creative ways to sacrifice and Give A Church this Christmas. We challenge you to print this card and come to church prepared to give this Sunday.

By giving to the Give A Church campaign, you'll contribute to the renovation of the Cary facility and launch of our Church Planting Center in the Triangle. Here are a few of the renovations and upgrades:
  • awnings over the handicap ramps to fix flooding problems
  • new sign for the road
  • removing trees that obstruct the view from the road
  • completely remodel the children's area with updated and engaging theme
  • upgrade the technology and audio/visual equipment
  • take out walls upstairs to expand the lobby
  • paint and renovate sanctuary
  • remove walls downstairs to expand children’s area and create office for staff
  • repurpose a room for a food pantry
 We believe that through these changes we will be set up to point people to Jesus in Cary, all of our campuses will be better served, and we will be better positioned to plant churches in every major community in the Triangle!

We can’t wait to see you Sunday as we kick off the 2013 Give A Church campaign!

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