Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sexual Purity: Why Wait?

One of the priorities in our family ministry is to teach our students about sexual purity.  However, the reason most churches have given for pursuing sexual purity has been off the mark.  For years we taught students and singles to pursue sexual purity in order to save themselves for their future spouse.  This is what I was taught when I went through the program called “True Love Waits” as a student in youth ministry.  

However, I believe God used an article called “I Don’t Wait Anymore” to completely change the way we teach our students about purity. If you are single adult, teenager, or parent...READ THIS ARTICLE!

A great quote from the article says, "We don’t abstain from sex because we’re “waiting.” We abstain because we love Him." ‪

This weekend our youth will be making a commitment to sexual purity!  On Saturday, Feb 15th from 9-4pm they will be meeting for an intensive study on how to pursue Christ through sexual purity and demonstrate to the world around us that Jesus is the ultimate destination and desire of our hearts.  The cost for this class is $15. That will cover lunch and materials.

This Sunday, Feb 16th there will be a special commitment & purity ring ceremony for those who are ready to commit to True Love on all three Point Church campuses!

Please email Elise ( for any questions, or if you need help paying for the materials!

Let’s stop teaching the goal of singleness is to wait on some potential spouse (who may or may not come) but to make Jesus our first love now!  

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