Thursday, February 27, 2014

What happens when you combine French Speaking Africans, Expanded Seating, ReLaunching & 50,000 postcards? A: THIS SUNDAY at Church!

This Sunday will be our largest Sunday of the year for the Raleigh Campus! 
Here’s WHY:
  1. This Sunday is our official RALEIGH RELAUNCH!  Over the past two years we have sent out people from our Raleigh Campus to plant our Apex and Cary campuses and we are now making a big push to replenish our Raleigh Family.   
  2. FRENCH SPEAKING AFRICAN CHURCH called Tabernacle Church of Raleigh made up of 50-60 people will be joining us in Raleigh for the next two months and meeting in the back theater.  Our two churches are praying about the possibility of becoming one church.  They will have the same service time, will be with us in the lobby/café before service, and their kids will be joining us in Kid Point! 
  3. We have sent out 50,000 POSTCARDS to our closest neighbors over this last month and we have had a lot of new visitors the past two weeks.  However, two more postcards went out this week and we are expecting even more visitors! 
  4. In expectation of the larger crowds this Sunday we have EXPANDED SEATING in the worship to include the two side aisles!
We need you to do FOUR THINGS for THIS SUNDAY:
  1. Bring someone – We need everyone to think of at least 1 person to bring to church this Sunday!  We are going to be pulling out all the stops to make sure this a great experience for your friends and family! You can use this link to send to friends:
  2. Sit Up Front and in the Middle– We are asking our regulars to intentionally sit in the front this week.  Over the past few weeks there have been virtually no open seats in the back of the worship area while the first 6 rows are virtually empty.  We don’t want new visitors to have to walk to the front to be able to find a seat this Sunday.  Also, if you will sit in the middle of the aisle it will make it easy for new people to finds a seat!
  3. Talk with Someone – Studies show that if people do not build a relationship within the first two weeks of coming to church they will likely not come back!   We are asking our church family to step out of our comfort zone this Sunday and build a relationship with someone you don’t know.  While you are at it invite them to sit with you too! 
  4. Eat Lunch – We are doing Salsa with the Staff this Sunday and next at El Cerro which is the Mexican Restaurant and will be giving away FREE TACOS to new visitors.  To help encourage relationships we are also offering to buy your tacos as well if you can convince new visitors to come eat with you!
See you Sunday!

Chris Hankins
Lead Pastor

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