Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Our fourth year as a church is coming to a close and it has certainly been a banner year! It is hard to put into words what God has done this past year (Sept-Aug) but here is a brief snapshot. When you compare the average attendance of the last four months (469) with our average attendance during the same four months last year (232) we have more than doubled as church! Wow! More than twice the amount of people now call The Point Church their spiritual family! Also, our new food pantry has had 439 family visits, which means 878 bags of groceries have been distributed, feeding 1,343 total people since February 22nd! We have seen 39 people make decisions to follow Christ in baptism so far this year! And we are excited to launch our fourth campus, The Point en EspaƱol on September 14, 2014 with Hector Rengifo as the Campus Pastor.

Let me share with you one story that I feel best captures what we are seeing God do… Several months ago a family of 7 showed up at our weekly food pantry to receive assistance. However, they didn’t just receive food but were prayed with and invited to come and worship with us that Sunday and they decided to give it a try. That Sunday they were welcomed by our Frontline team and moved to tears during the service about how “Life Hurts, God Heals”. After the service they prayed with some volunteers and someone invited them to attend their life group. The family revealed to us that they had received an eviction notice and unless something happened they would soon be on the street. Our Care Pastor and Family Crisis Team were able to step in and help them to pay their rent that month. Finally, they heard the Gospel presented on Easter Sunday and both parents responded by following Jesus in baptism that next Sunday. Now the kids are a regular part of our Kid Point ministry and their oldest just got back from youth camp! Christ has used the people of The Point to be his hands and feet to this beautiful family!

As our fiscal year (Sep-Aug) draws to a close, we want to insure that we can continue to fulfill our mission and minister to our growing family in our 5th year. We need to finish this year strong. We have had a year of giving that has had many good months and a few below average months. As a result, we have fallen behind budget. We need a very strong giving month in August to meet our budget for the year and to go into the next year without a deficit. We have already made up some ground but have a ways to go!  Here are three ways you can help us finish strong:

We ask that if you have missed any giving throughout the fiscal year that you consider making it up this August to help us finish strong. You will find enclosed your giving statement for the fiscal year. This statement is not for tax-purposes.

Take a step in generosity. Maybe it is going from being an occasional giver to a regular giver. Maybe it is to become a percentage giver and working towards giving to full tithe of 10% back to God. This is the perfect opportunity to start giving back to God and see the difference your generosity makes.

Lastly, we ask you to consider making a one-time gift to help us finish strong.

You can do any of these options through your Connect Account (point.ccbchurch.com) or at pointchurch.com/giving. You can also give through the weekly offering each Sunday morning.

Will you prayerfully consider taking a step in generosity to help fuel the mission of Jesus in our community?

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