Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jesus and Radical Islam this Sunday

This Sunday we will get a Biblical perspective on another difficult crisis going on in our world: the rise of radical Islam and the breakout of the ISIS movement in the Middle East.  As we continue with our series, “What in the World” we will ask the question, “How should followers of Jesus respond to Islam?”  This is a subject that has been hotly debated in the media, even by prominent Christians.  Answers have ranged from “convert them or kill them” to “Islam is just like Christianity” so we should just live and let live.

This Sunday we will be searching the scriptures to see how we should respond to both radical Islam and our Muslim neighbors across the street.  We invite you to join us and bring a friend as we tackle a subject we believe the Bible speaks very clearly on.

Please be in prayer for our teaching pastors as they prepare for this difficult but needed message!

Chris Hankins
Lead Pastor
The Point Church

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