Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jesus is casting out demons this Sunday

Hey Point Family, as we continue in our journey through the book of Luke this Sunday we will see the disciples come face to face not only with Jesus but also demonic forces in Luke 9:37-43. As we study this passage we will be addressing the topic of demonic activity head on this Sunday. If you usually bring your child into the adult worship service, you may wish to have your child attend our awesome Kid Point ministry this Sunday.

Why would we talk about this subject? This is something that Jesus addresses and confronts frequently. We felt that we could not teach the book of Luke without addressing it. We believe that if you don’t have faith that your enemy is real, you will lose every time. The goal of our message this Sunday will not be in any way to scare you, but rather to give you confidence that through Jesus we can always be victorious in our battle against the enemy.

I hope you come ready to learn this Sunday from another face to face encounter with Jesus at one of our four campuses and seven services.  Find out more at

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